Best buddies


Are you and your horse a perfect match? Here are some top tips to help you create the perfect bond.

  • Spend time with your horse watching him in the field so that you learn more about the way he behaves around other horses.
  • Be clear with your signals so that he knows the boundaries – what he is and isn’t allowed to do. Make your signals firm, but avoid aggressive behaviour and remember to reward good efforts.
  • Find places he likes to be scratched or tickled to help you enjoy some special time together.
  • Groundwork is a positive way of improving your relationship. You can teach him a lot of ridden exercises from the ground, such as lateral work, rein back and transitions.
  • Make sure you provide your horse with everything he needs to stay happy and gauge his behaviour to check he’s calm and relaxed in his life. Horses must have food, water, friends and shelter from the elements.

Author: Features Editor

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