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With fewer daylight hours approaching, most horses have less access to grass and spend more time in their stables. Here’s how to keep your equine friend occupied during winter.

There are more and more equestrian products on the market these days and retailers really have thought of everything, with the equine toy range being no exception to this rule. Toys are designed to keep horses happier and healthier when they may be confined to smaller areas of turnout, so check out these ideas.

  • Licks. Licks are palatable stable or field toys which are designed to give relief from boredom while providing horses and ponies with essential vitamins and minerals at the same time. They should always be fed at the right amount (see packaging for daily recommendations) and removed from any packaging that could cause harm to your horse. They tend to come in various flavours, such as apple, carrot or mint, or you can choose from different types which are designed to offer protection against certain issues, such as garlic for flies or respiratory to boost the respiration system.
  • Balls. There are numerous balls on the market and some are designed for your horse to play with in the field, while others hang from the ceiling of the stable and have holders for licks to be inserted. These can provide hours of fun and the latter will allow your horse to trickle feed due to the fact that he’ll spend more time trying to get to the lick than actually eating it.
  • Make your own. If you’re on a tighter budget then consider tying vegetables that your horse likes to a piece of rope and hang this from the ceiling of his stable. Try swedes, turnips and carrots, for example. You can also place apples in your horse’s water to encourage him to drink as well as providing a challenge as he tries to fish them out.


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