On to Blenheim!


By Olivia Wilmot

So  that is my eventing season over for 2013, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.

Blenheim was my last event. We stayed south after Burghley to save on travelling. My dressage wasn’t until Friday afternoon which meant we had a little time to do some shopping and Zebedee had plenty of time to settle in. I was really pleased with his test, I felt he tried hard and has progressed recently. He scored 42.1 so I delighted as this is his first time at this level. There are definitely areas needing worked on. He still finds it difficult to really carry himself and has a tendency to drop his poll. He was much better at Blenheim and just towards the end of the test this happened.


His showjumping was on the Saturday and he jumped well, unfortunately had a minor slip on approach to the last which was a double and both parts fell.


Sunday was XC day, the course was a good step up for Zebedee and he flew round. He was a little green at some points  but jumped all the direct routes so I was absolutely delighted and he finished with just 6 one faults and in 9th place. Overall I’m very  pleased with the way Burghley and Blenheim went, as with everything there are definitely parts to work on and improve. It seems that Axil is the only horse to have jumped double clear at both Badminton and Burghley 2013.

My horses are currently having a short break (and so I am!) then it’s back to work so 2014 is better. They have had their end of season physio ans shaitstu massage just to make sure they didn’t tweak anything at those last couple of big events. I don’t like to jut rough them off straight after a big event I like to let them down gently so they normally have 5-7 says complete rest then a few days going on the walker and then a few days of light exercises such as a nice hack out or a little bit of stretching and suppleness work in the school. I like to do this so I know how they feel after each big event.

This winter I have lots dressage and showjumping training and shows planned. And we are currently breaking in our homebred 3 year old so watch this space he might be out and about at a few training shows next year!

I’m hoping  to work on getting Zebedee stronger in himself so we can break that 40s barrier in the dressage. I like to keep their work varied and last year when my arena froze and the roads were too icy to hack on I took the horses to the beach to work. They love it and it’s a great way to vary their work. I found walking trotting and cantering in shallow water really helped them muscle so I think we will do more of that this winter.

I need to keep up my own fitness and core strength so I will make sure I go to my Callanetics class. Lessons on the lunge are planned to help me improve my position so that could be interesting!

The provisional event calendar for 2014 is out and I’ve already started to think about where I’d like to aim for. Fingers crossed Axil will aim for Badmiton and Zebedee Bramham! And I already have some booking for training days and clinics next year so plenty to look forward to! I have to say thank you to my team, sponsors and supporters as really without any of them I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do.

Onwards and upwards now bring on 2014!


Author: The Editor

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