Catching up with Olivia Wilmot

So we are almost through another season!

I have entered almost all my events for 2013 and the exciting news is that I  have a new sponsor – Advanced Roller Doors Limited.
This has been a mixed season – I managed to fall off a couple of times which  was not ideal.  However, on the plus side Zebedee has moved up to advanced  level at his last 2 events which has been exciting for me. He is now entered for the 8/9 year old class at Blenheim.
Zebedee has progressed well so far; at home I’ve been doing lots of pole  work as I was struggling with getting the right stride show jumping. It was  like my eye just saw something different when I was on him compared to being  on the others. I started by having poles set out with 4 and 5 strides (based on a 12 foot canter stride) between them round the school. Once I had  established this and he was working well, I progressed to having the middle  one as a fence with a pole on either side. I try to use square poles as my  canter poles because then if he was to touch them they don’t roll. I have  now built this exercise up to a pole then 3 yards to a fence then 7 yards to  another fence with a pole half way. I’ve found this really has helped me get  a much better and more consistent canter and therefore improved his jump and  built on both of our confidence levels.
You can progress this exercise more by having another pole to another fence.
Occasionally I have raised the ground poles just a couple of inches off the  ground to encourage a more rounder canter stride. This is very good for  horses that have a tendency to get flat. For horses that drift and don’t  stay straight it can helpful to have V poles and this can also help horses that are a little flat. So until next time happy jumping!

Author: News Editor

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