Danger of frosty grass

timthumb-1Laminitis is now an all year problem.  This is probably because there are now so many chemicals in the countryside that damage a horse’s digestion.  Who would have thought that simply grazing in frosty conditions could induce the most feared problem that horse owners face !

One way of eliminating almost all this worry is to feed the digestive tonic called LAMINITIS PRONE SUPPLEMENT from Global Herbs.  This liquid or powdered supplement will support the normal processes in the bowels that stop the bacterial disturbances that cause laminitis.  Frosty grass seems to disturb the balance of good and bad bacteria in the bowels.

Laminitis itself is a very complicated problem and is well known to have an intimate connection with key hormonal pathways inside the body.  It is surprising what  happens when digestion is improved because the whole digestive process it vital to the normal function of the hormonal system.  Study of such connections between bacteria in the bowels and hormones is currently at the frontiers of modern scientific research.

So if your pasture is frosty consider feeding Laminitis Prone Supplement to ensure peace of mind and a happy festive season.  Nutritional programs such as this one offered by Global Herbs can save you many heartaches and sleepless nights.  We all, including your vets, need a peaceful Christmas this year.

For more information see our  booklet “Laminitis Made Easy” or special website: www.laminitis-advice.co.uk

Alternatively call us on 01243 773363  Global Herbs Ltd www.globalherbs.co.uk

Free veterinary advice is available for very difficult nutritional problems.

Author: News Editor

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