Equine Shiatsu Research Project

by Liz Eddy

The Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA) is undertaking a research project which will run from now until the 30th June 15. The project is called MYMOP – Measure Your Own Medical Outcome Profile and has been adapted from to equine use from an existing study on people. It was developed by Dr Charlotte Paterson of Bristol University as a way of measuring the effectiveness of both orthodox and complementary medicine settings.

Equine Shiatsu is varyingly known as a sister therapy to acupressure, Japanese physiotherapy or for a more scientific approach – it turns on the parasympathetic nervous system.
However, for the purposes of this project, it is not only for specific diseases but also for more simple symptoms that a horse may have eg difficulty in bending one way, biting when girthed, lethargy, a general feeling of something being wrong, which can be addressed. So if you are interested in trying shiatsu for your horse, check out the website for a practitioner registered with tESA. All practitioners registered with tESA are fully trained and insured.
More information about equine shiatsu can be found on www.equineshiatsu.org.

Author: The Editor

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