Feed fibre and oil to improve condition and behaviour this winter

Research has shown that to improve condition safely your horse needs the right type of calories from the right sources – a combination of fibre and oil. In trials carried out by WINERGY® oil was shown to be twice as efficient at building condition as cereal and far less likely to cause any silly behaviour.

Fibre should be the mainstay of every horse’s diet and the equine digestive system has evolved to process it very efficiently. Fibre is fermented in the hindgut relatively slowly, so it doesn’t cause the peaks and troughs in blood glucose and associated behavioural changes that cereal starch can sometimes be responsible for. Fibre also has the advantage of being available from different sources. Highly fermentable options such as alfalfa or soya hulls can make a real contribution to energy needs without causing extra excitement.

If you need to increase calorific intake the safest and most effective option is to add oil to your chopped fibre ration. Oil contains 2.5 times more energy than the same weight of cereals and it is digested very efficiently. In the trial oil was shown to be twice as efficient at building condition as cereal with it taking 35MJ of oil to build 1kg of weight gain compared to 80MJ of cereal.

“Feeding horses to suit the way their digestive system has evolved makes total sense, for a number of reasons,” said Clare Barfoot, WINERGY® nutritionist. “Not only do fibre-based feeds promote a healthier digestive system but they also take longer to eat, which is especially useful for stabled horses, and encourage saliva production to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers developing.”

WINERGY Equilibrium® Condition is based on fibre and oil. It contains 10% oil and 10% starch, giving you the reassurance to build condition in your horse or pony safely, all from a single bag. WE and you keep your horse in great shape. Find out more by calling 01908 576777, visiting www.winergy.com or www.facebook.com/winergyfeeds.

Author: News Editor

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