Five Minutes With…. Rob Fellows

Shadow and Rob Fellows

Shadow and Rob Fellows

Rob, of Rob Fellows Reiki, is an International Reiki Master and Teacher. He tells Equiads why the therapy is so beneficial.

Before I started with reiki in 1999, I used to be a little fearful of horses. I actually learnt reiki originally to help my dog, who had arthritis. But after the first time I ‘faced my fear’ and gave reiki to a horse, I was hooked. The reaction was wonderful, and now I love to work with horses, as they are such intelligent, astute and beautiful animals.

Reiki is a gentle non-manipulative energy healing therapy which can help reduce stress and calm your horse, as well as ease pain and speed up recovery after surgery. It works by you gently placing your hands on your horse in various positions. It is quick and simple to learn and easy to do. I always recommend that anyone with a sick or injured horse should consult their vet and then the reiki can complement any prescribed treatments.

I love the way that horses show such a positive response to the Reiki treatments. They know something good will be coming their way! A notable example of this is with Shadow (the bay horse in the photograph on this page). Shadow had a damaged hock which was obviously causing him some trouble. His owner Laura told me that Shadow didn’t respond well to ‘strangers’, and yet he calmly stood by me whilst I gave him reiki. Laura seemed surprised that Shadow had accepted me so quickly and had even let me touch his damaged hock. He lowered his head during the session and was falling asleep.

I often find that when I’m treating a horse, it is also the owner that gets a benefit too. I find that there are many owners who dearly love their horses, and yet for a variety of reasons, they no longer ride them, or have never ridden them. Perhaps they have been thrown, or have fallen in the past and, as we know, horses are very intuitive and can quickly sense if people around them are unconfident. Some of the ‘naughtier’ horses will even play up to that.

The wonderful thing is that many owners don’t realise that anyone has the ability to give reiki to their own horses, and once trained, or what is known as ‘attuned’, they will be able to give reiki to their own horse for the rest of their lives. This is something truly special they can share with their horse, and is a fantastic way to help with their horse’s general wellbeing, to lower any stress in both of them.

Humans are very complex and we often over analyse everything we do. This narrow approach can make some people not believe in the effectiveness of complementary therapies, and therefore they won’t even try them. Animals, and especially horses, are very different. They have no ‘hidden agendas’ and will happily try anything that they feel does them good.

Author: Features Editor

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