Keeping Calm on Bonfire Night

Keeping Calm on Bonfire Night

Karma_2012_highresBonfire night and the surrounding period can be a cause for concern for horse owners. Finding out any information about displays in your area is the best way to plan ahead, so you know when the majority of the fireworks are going to be let off.  You will need to decide whether your horse is going to be stabled for the night or left in the field.  It is recommended that your horse stays in its usual routine to prevent further stress, however if you know your horse will be happier in a stable or with greater freedom in the field then this is advisable.

Unfortunately fireworks are not limited to 5th November and they can stretch out for a week or more either side of the date.  Feeding a fast acting, highly absorbable liquid calmer, such as Blue Chip Karma is the perfect solution to keeping your horse or pony settled during this period. Even the most sensible horse or pony can become stressed and agitated, with the possibility of harming themselves or others.  Horses are ‘flight’ animals and their natural instinct is to ‘flee’ from a stressful/frightening experience, unfortunately this can mean going through fences or over stable doors in an attempt to get away, even if this is not part of their ‘normal’ behaviour.

Blue Chip Karma is a highly palatable liquid based calmer that includes a superior form of water-soluble magnesium, L-tryptophan and Vitamin C. Karma is 100% natural and is safe to be fed to all horses, including competition horses, pregnant mares and foals.  It is recommended to introduce Blue Chip Karma 6 days before fireworks may start at a dose of 50ml per day, this can then be reduced to 25ml daily until fireworks have finished.  For particularly ‘stressy’ horses the dose can safely be kept at 50ml during the whole period and even increased to 100 ml on 5th November.

2calmers_highresIf your horse or pony is usually quiet and settled, Blue Chip’s instant action calming syringes, CarrotCalm and AppleCalm are the ideal solution for peace of mind.  Available in the highly palatable flavours carrot and apple, these syringes contain three ‘measures’ of the same active ingredients as Blue Chip Karma, in a concentrated form. It is recommended to give one ‘measure’ an hour before fireworks are due to be set off, with an additional measure to be given if necessary.

For more information on keeping your horses and ponies calm during the firework season visit or call 0114 266 6200.

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