Kiwis Conquer Burghley

The three main trials at Burghley were trying on both rider and horses but the huge crowd bowed to New Zealand who won six of the first ten places in the competition.

StormjLying behind one of the key factors credited for giving the Kiwis their winning edge is British science and innovation incorporated into STORM® a revolutionary feed supplement that the New Zealand riders choose to feed their horses.

STORM, from Racing Blue, is a scientifically proven feed supplement that enhances the ability of muscle to fight fatigue by increasing its capacity to buffer the lactic acid that builds up during strenuous exercise, thus giving the horse more sustained power and endurance. It provides the nutritional building blocks to help horses delay muscle fatigue which will slow horses down, or can increase the chance of critical mistakes during competition.

Erik Duvander, High Performance Coach for Equestrian Sport NZ, was thrilled with the performances of all the Kiwi horse and rider combinations and explained: “We are always looking for an edge and try to better anything the other nations’ teams are doing.”  While he believes that thoroughbred horse power and rider bravery are predominant factors, he acknowledges that feeding STORM contributed to the New Zealand combinations recording six of the fastest eight times in the cross country phase at Burghley. “Our horses were going faster than the others and they all recovered well for the final day,” he stated.

Six of the top eight places at Burghley went to New Zealand combinations including the winner Jonathan Paget, who secured his second four-star win of the season riding the New Zealand thoroughbred, Clifton Promise on which he also won Badminton Horse Trials in May. This made him the sixth New Zealander to win Burghley but only the second horse and rider combination ever to win Badminton and Burghley in the same season.

Burghley HOYS Qualifiers L-to-R Whatcanyasay - Robyn Gray and Double Brandy - Louise Marden Crest <br>Photo: SMR Photos.jpg

Burghley HOYS Qualifiers L-to-R Whatcanyasay – Robyn Gray and Double Brandy – Louise Marden CrestPhoto: SMR Photos.jpg

An event in the main arena on the final day was the Racehorse to Riding Horse qualifier sponsored by the insurance company well known to Equi-Ads readers, South Essex Insurance Brokers.

Twenty horses were paraded before three judges. The winners were;


Racehorse to Riding Horse


1st  Double Brandy, owned and ridden by Lousie Marsden from Worcester

2nd Sister Gee, owned and ridden by Jill Wormall from Leicestershire -Already Qualified

3rd  Purple Moon, owned by Sara Cumani and ridden by Chantal Wooten from Suffolk-Already Qualified

4th Whatcanyasay, owned and ridden by Robyn Cook from Cumbria


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