New All-Weather JumpCross Track at Grange Farm


A new all-weather track has been developed at JumpCross’ headquarters, Grange Farm, Peterborough.

The new wood fibre track delivers an ideal cushioned surface to provide both professional and amateur riders with the confidence of knowing that they will not be subjecting their horse/pony to seasonal hard ground or waterlogged soft areas.

Now allowing training and competitions to go-ahead throughout the year, JumpCross fans are provided with a brilliant facility even during the colder, wetter months to extend the usual ‘season’.

The track is an outstanding addition to Grange Farm’s JumpCross course which also offers a range of challenges including various water crossings, drops, ditches and banks to combine the thrill of cross-country, with the technicality of show jumping.


Robin Dunlop told Equi-Ads;“We are delighted to have completed the all-weather track. It is an excellent surface and will allow us to run training and competitions for a much longer period throughout the winter months.”

“JumpCross is a unique sport that gives rider’s the excitement of galloping cross-country without the anxiety of tackling fixed obstacles.”

This marks the latest improvement to a track which has already committed to providing riders with the best possible facilities and options to progress themselves.

Grange Farm runs an annual competition series which includes a league currently sponsored by TopSpec and offers further mini-competitions, over a shortened course and reduced heights, for those who wish to compete in a more low-key manner.

Scheduled training days are also run throughout the year but Grange Farm is open as much as possible for training bookings throughout the year; these could be Pony Club/Riding Club training rallys, groups of friends or specific one-to-one training.

For more information contact Sue Proctor on (01780) 782356 or visit

Author: The Editor

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