Plan Ahead For Health


Trying to be ahead of problems is always better (and cheaper) than a cure for our animals and ourselves.

By thinking ahead and assessing our management routine for the coming seasonal challenges, we can often help our beloved horses and donkeys to ward off problems before they get a grip.

  • Tip 1.  Simple things like laying down grass mats or hard-core in gateways before the wet winter weather comes and planning field rotation if possible, will help to prevent issues with mud.
  • Tip 2.  Vitamin D deficiency can be a problem for many animals (as well as humans) but by allowing our horses or ponies to go ‘naked’ (without rugs/fly sheets) for a part of each day between April and September (the only months that UV rays in the UK are strong enough to enable the body to convert to vitamin D), you’re loading Vitamin D for free!  Just 30 minutes per day (perhaps whilst mucking out and tidying the yard), can make a real difference. Vitamin D is critical for all bodily functions including itching, mud issues, immune system responses, joints, energy, etc.
  • Tip 3.  Supplementing daily with a pure probiotic such as Protexin Equine Gut Balancer from Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd helps to keep a healthy hind gut.  The gut (which is really the body’s “engine”) runs around 70% of an animals’ total immune capability!   So taking care of gut bacteria is hugely important if the body is to function at its best…which in turn can then often save you money and struggle long-term.

Of course, in some cases, it can be too late for prevention, but Ruggles & Stopitall can still help.


  • Tip 4.  Ruggle-it’s pioneering soap-free Shampoo and 100% natural vegetable Oil blend can be used on up to 18 different skin issues affecting horses and most other animals as well as humans!  For instance, keep some handy at the yard to help soothe and rid (as well as prevent) issues caused by mud and itching, flies, fleas, mites, ticks, mystery sore patches and hair loss, hot skin and even head lice.

Ruggle-it’s applications are certainly unusual but quick and easy to use.  So all first orders come with a handy daily planner to help keep your management routine on track and then help with cost-effective prevention thereafter.  It’s also great for entering into your smartphone so it’s always on hand.

Said Mrs Nex, owner of 25-year-old pony, Beau, “Ruggle-it is the only thing I’ve ever found which keeps my little, determined summer-itching pony comfortable. Your ‘in-depth’ approach is also really reassuring.  I like having the planner on my phone as it keeps me on track. He starts to itch again if I miss a day, which confirms that Ruggle-it is working!”

Visit for detailed information and to shop online, or call 01823 259952.

Author: News Editor

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