Relief for the hind leg

GlobalHerbs-HocksMany hind leg problems are caused by joint problems in the hocks.  Global Herbs have just released the ultimate solution for this are of concern – HOCKS,  a sophisticated combination of two other products:  STRONGBONE and MOVEFREE.  Strongbone is essential for hocks and by itself can transform structure and function.  The ingredients bind to calcium and move it to the bones in a quick dynamic way.  Movefree is the essential lubricant which makes all the fluid around the small bones of the hock work supremely well.

So if your horse is stiff when the hind leg is flexed and no amount of routine help will solve the problem, use HOCKS.  It will also help all the other joints in your horse’s body at the same time.

When your horse has hock problems try and reduce or eliminate grain in the feed because of the way that chemicals in grain impede the uptake of calcium.  However StrongBone will, if fed in the form of HOCKS, overcome many of these problems.

For more info contact Global Herbs on 01243 773363.

Author: News Editor

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