Sarcoids- alkalising the skin can solve the problem


The present view is that sarcoids are in fact, locally invasive, non-spreading tumours of the skin. At first they look like a wart, but as they grow the skin covering the sarcoid becomes thin and breaks, allowing an ulcer to develop Sarcoids can occur anywhere on the body, either singly or at multiple sites and seldom undergo spontaneous remission.

They are notoriously difficult to treat as they have a tendency to recur when removed by surgery. It is possible that sarcoids develop as a result of earlier non-productive infection with the virus that causes juvenile warts or due to infection with the virus that causes warts in cattle.

We know that after the inoculation of young horses with an extract of bovine papilloma virus, a sarcoid-like growth appears at that site.

How to get rid of them?

Research has shown that Sarcoids thrive on acidic conditions ,so alkalising the body from the inside stops the virus from feeding, making it harder for them to grow and establish.

At Forest Farmacy we take the approach of alkalising the skin (thus reducing the food supply to the virus) This rids the body of sarcoids from the inside out. Our 100% herbal powder ‘Power against Sarcoids’ helps rid the body of Sarcoids without needing invasive treatment and time off from exercise. The Herbal Powder contains ingredients that alkalise internally and are designed to encourage the body to produce an alkaline state, strengthen the immune system, support the body’s natural defences and make the bowel lining as resilient as possible which all helps to give your horse the tools to fight the Sarcoids virus naturally.

Horses can still be worked, and will start to feel fitter and healthier. ‘Power Against Sarcoids’ contains 100% organic herbal ingredients; it does not contain any banned or prohibited substances. ONLY one scoop a day and is totally palatable.

It has been used effectively on broodmares and is totally safe for foals!

I used ‘Power Against Sarcoids’ after having paid for expensive vet treatments, The sarcoid came back. Saw the advert for this and have tried it. Simply put….MIRACULOUS……put it in his feed every night and now it has completely gone. Yes completely gone. It was on his sheath so conventional treatments hurt him, but in his food with Power Against Sarcoids, no problem…Easy. I would recommend you to use this product unreservedly, because it worked for my horse…Brilliant

Adrian Williams.   Six week supply £35or sarcoid care pack £80.    Please ring 0800 970 9421 for more details or visit






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