Think Mud

Think-Mud-TubMud fever is probably one of the most frustrating winter ailments and a condition which looks fairly harmless to start with but can rapidly become inflamed and painful, requiring stable rest and expensive veterinary treatment. One of the ways in which you can help is by supporting your horse nutritionally by feeding Brinicombe Equine’s, Think Mud.

It’s a nutritional aid that works naturally from the inside to support skin integrity when at risk from the harmful bacteria present in mud whilst maintaining a healthy immune system and circulation. This complex supplement combines both herbal and highly available nutrients for a simple and mess free alternative to topical products and can even provide support in cases where mud fever has already taken hold, helping to reduce the cost of expensive treatment.

Available in 1.5kg & 4kg tubs priced RRP £30.95 and RRP £65.95 respectively. A 1.5kg will last a horse for up to 50 days and a four kg will supply one horse for most of the winter providing over four months of support.

For further information please contact Brinicombe Equine on 08700 606206 or visit

Author: News Editor

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