Is it a treat? Is it a supplement? No- it’s Rockies (and it’s both)!


Do you see licks as a treat, a way to break boredom or as a way to supplement the horse’s diet? The good news is that if you choose the right lick, it can be all three of these!

Supplements are most commonly supplied in the form of a liquid or as a powder or pellet. These are easy to mix in with the horse’s daily feed…but what happens if your horse doesn’t have a bucket feed? How can you provide him with the vitamins and minerals he needs? Licks hold the answer!

Of course, licks can be used even when horses have a concentrated hard feed, helping them to top up on salt and vital minerals as they need them. Not only are licks really simple to use (you just put them in a lick holder or tie in a sheltered position), but they are also very cost effective, can be used by more than one horse and they can occupy the horse too. Rockies’ licks are all offered in a free access manner, which means that the horse takes on what he needs, not what the owner thinks he does. As salt is self limiting and most of the range is calorie free, there’s no need to worry that he’ll eat too much, even the Field & Stable Block with its light molasses coating has been created with inbuilt hardness to prevent excessive intake.


The Rockies range allows you to supplement your horse’s diet how you want. If you already feed conventional supplements or full rations of a complete mix, a Baby Salt lick could be perfect for you. If you don’t feed full rations of a complete feed or you’re concerned your horse isn’t receiving all he needs, look at Health Licks and the Field & Stable Block. The latter contains vitamins too, so really is a valuable ally when it comes to feeding horses that don’t receive anything in a bucket. Licks can also supplement for specific issues, such as Magnacalm that’s been made to help calm, Laminshield that can be fed to horses prone to or at risk of laminitis, and Bug:go! that contains garlic to help repel biting insects.

To find out more about the Rockies range and to see which lick is right for your horse, see or call 01606 595022.

Author: News Editor

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