The WALTHAM® Laminitis Consortium

The Laminitis Consortium, the research body initiated by The WALTHAM® Equine Studies Group who provide the science behind SPILLERS®, has published the results of four more laminitis associated research projects. The new work represents important progress in the Consortium’s mission to advance the understanding, prevention and management of laminitis.

  • The four separate studies, two of which were funded by The Laminitis Trust, have shed new light on:
  • The role that grass fructan may have in the development of laminitis
  • The important influence of water temperature when soaking hay to reduce the water-soluble carbohydrate  (WSC) content.
  • A possible link between recurrent laminitis and reduced anti-inflammatory capacity.
  • The potential anti-inflammatory benefits of exercise.

Clare Barfoot RNutr and the research and development manager at SPILLERS® said: “These four new studies give further evidence to support some of the established management practices we advise for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. These include the importance of feeding a balanced diet alongside appropriate forage, grazing restriction and regular low intensity exercise whenever clinically possible. We are very grateful to The Laminitis Trust for their generous funding of two of the projects, helping us to learn more about this critical condition.”

Author: The Editor

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