Why Wet Fields Make for Naughty Horses!

Winter usually brings out the worst in even the most honest of horses, but in most cases there is an easy solution.

If you are fortunate enough to still have grass in your fields, it is probably still very wet, and you may have noticed the grass taking on a yellow tinge. This happens because the grass cannot absorb magnesium from water logged soil (magnesium is needed for the plants energy production unit, chlorophyll, which makes grass green).

To compensate for a lack of grazing, most horses will be receiving more hard feed to maintain their condition. These feeds are high in other ions such as calcium and potassium, which increases any relative lack of magnesium and also makes it harder for magnesium to be absorbed.

Then add that your horse is under more stress from cold weather, extra stabling, bangs, blusters and a less consistent routine. Stress burns off magnesium, so most horses need more in winter, but they are receiving less.

Combine these factors and it is likely that your horse is no longer getting all the magnesium his body needs, and this will leave him more sensitive to stress, more reactive and often difficult.

Nupafeed’s unique magnesium formula, MAH® has been developed for human medicine and is simply the best magnesium you can buy. MAH® contains absolutely no other ingredients, and works not by suppressing your horse’s ability to react, but by correcting the imbalance that is so often at the root of behavioural problems.

For more information or to purchase, please contact Nupafeed: Tel: 01438 861 900

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Author: News Editor

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